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Welcome to Bon Temps Guild - Laissez les bon temps roule. We are a casual raiding guild who raids from 9-12pm Shandris time. We do heroics, holidays and achievements together. We are a family and treat each other like brothers and sisters. Your guildmasters are Sensha a monk tank and Morgaise a goblin mage. Boszarkany is the raid leader along with Azazil who is also a main tank. Heirtokorma is a healing monster and assistant raid leader. All of the above have real life jobs and family which we put first but we make it to raids and other guild events. If this sounds like a place you would like to try out then click the recruitment section appropriate for your play style and join one of the fastest growing guilds on Shandris.
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radraco, Aug 19, 13 1:35 PM.
Morgaise is out on Monday and Wenesdays from 3-7pm server due to work starting 8/19. I am unavailable during that time as I will be shoulder deep in mud. You can message me at any time on or text me at 5205080517 for urgent matters. Please be aware you may not get a response during those hours as many times I turn the ringer off and only check during breaks I choose to take. Also please be aware in the upcoming weeks a major Jewish holiday happens and some weekends I can not be on due to them. Normally it isn't a problem but this year is extra important for my family and I will be completely unavailable during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Both are on the weekends this year and are two day events.

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radraco, Aug 19, 13 1:29 PM.
All recruitment data has been added. If you are wondering what we are looking for check it out! Raid Calendar is set for the next 3 weeks and other events may be added for fun.
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